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This day of YOUR creation

Good day beautiful people!

The other day it struck me while I was journaling.. This day that I am about to embark upon is totally a day of my making! All the things I will be doing today are up to me! And all the things and people in my life today are a result of my having chosen them in my life.

Holy crap! Knowing that THIS day that I am living, is literally a day of my creation is mind blowingly exciting! Why the heck would I ever NOT be excited to live this day?

So this is what I hope for YOU today.. Look around you and realize how everything in your life has been of your design!

Your children! Your house! Your room, your food, your job, your doctors appointment, your classes, your friends, your spouse, this day is a day of your creation!

Really let that sink in! This moment, right now, is your choice! It’s your choice. You are choosing me! Thank you! You get to choose your attitude and your mood and your thoughts in every - single - moment! Moment by moment! AND let’s not forget how freaking powerful that is! Each moment is the logical sequence of the one before it, so what you CHOOSE now, is what you GET next.

Look at how much power you have! This is so exciting to really recognize! Really take a moment before scrolling to the next thing to recognize how much power you have to make this day great!

Get out there and kick some butt today!


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