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Release the Baggage

Great TIP for a Healthier, Happier YOU!

I heard a version of this quote in the book, "How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can" by Amy Schen. Great book that I highly recommend to anyone interested in energy healing/self-healing.

This is in reference to things that don't FEEL good. Like grudges, heartache, stress, anxiety, arguments, hard feelings.

Conjure up any of these feelings and you can literally feel their heaviness in your body.

Science shows that stress is the #1 underlying cause of illness leading to death.

If that isn't enough incentive to "just let shit go", how about because it just FEELS good to do so!?

I know my life is better when I'm happy!

Check in with your body about how you feel. If you aren't feeling so great, ask yourself - What's going on in my body? What are the thoughts that are associated with this feeling? How can I begin to lean away from these thoughts?

If you are struggling to put something down, reach out to me. This is what I do! I help folks unburden themselves so they can live lighter, happier, more powerful lives of their choosing, and I LOVE HELPING!

What is one thing you can put down RIGHT NOW that will lighten your life?

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