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I'm Melissa.

Spiritual life coach, energy healer, mom, and lifetime seeker of happiness and fulfillment.
I'm passionate about learning, nature, my children, personal growth, and living my highest and best life.

I'm committed to bringing my knowledge and skill set to you so you can achieve a clear and authentic, long lasting connection with your highest potential without the confusion or disappointment that can sometimes come with this type of work. 

I look forward to knowing you.

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"Melissa was such a wonderful coach and knowledgeable about the program. I admired that she was very transparent and supportive through the experience.  I would certainly take another class with her in the near future. The Awaken The Creator course itself was eye opening for me, it really catapulted me to the next level in my spiritual journey. I still use most of the tools I learned in every day life and the knowledge shared is so valuable to really stepping into your own power."

-Shawna G, Southern NJ


"Melissa has coached me countless times and every time I end the session, I feel I have attained my goal for the call. Her energy and her presence and her heart and her true curiosity make it possible for me to reach information within me that was previously blocked. Her passion for being conscious herself and helping others to achieve that same awareness and joy makes her a tremendous asset in the coaching field. I highly recommend her as a coach and as a human being!! "                                     
  -Cathi M, Florida


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