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About Melissa

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Meet your guide - Melissa Fickett.


Melissa is described as “transparent and supportive”, “down to earth with a warm presence.”  She is known as a caring, genuine, deep thinker who helps her clients take the wheel in their lives, by teaching them how to awaken the creator within, resulting in a deliberate and joyful life experience in true communion with the powerful forces of the universe.  


Working with Melissa through any of her programs is eye-opening and educational - full of a-ha moments.  Her clients learn their very personal connection with all that is, and how to uncover their Divine, unlimited selves which have been covered up by a lifetime of outside programming and influence.  They walk away from the process feeling powerful and connected, with a deep understanding of themselves and how their beliefs create their lives.  These programs are the beginning of a new way of life.


Melissa delivers coaching in both a 1-on-1 and a group format.  She offers continuing coaching to assist creators in maintaining their newfound footing and staying on track to manifest their deepest desires. Melissa also delivers workshops and talks for organizations and groups.


As a former professional property manager and business owner, Melissa has spent the majority of her adult life guiding people through transitional times in their lives. She has continuously been entrusted with confidential information and given the responsibility of acting on behalf of others in sensitive situations. Melissa’s predisposition for empathy and compassion makes her a natural leader.


Aside from being a reliable confidant, one of Melissa’s super powers is that she sees the best in others, even when they aren’t showing it or seeing it in themselves.  She knows that the only thing holding folks back from their greatness is a shift in thinking or perspective.  It is from this new perspective that we begin to make different choices and then take different actions. 


Melissa is a long time fan of personal growth and self improvement materials, especially in the area of mind over matter.  Prior to entering the field of coaching, Melissa counseled friends and co-workers in easing headaches and other physical ailments with the mind, as well as helping them to see their worth and set appropriate boundaries.  Melissa has spent over 17 years diving deeply into spiritual books, personal practice, and online courses.  She has trained at the Option Institute in Sheffield, Ma, Coaching Academy, Canada, Thoughtwork Institute, and at the Divine Intelligence Institute in Allen, Texas.  Melissa has been trained in ThetaHealing, Dreamporting Mastery, Rapid Subconscious Reprogramming, ICF Life Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching and is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Rapid Subconscious Reprogramming Coach & ThetaHealer. 

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