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The shadow says,

"Make yourself small to stay safe.

Don't shine too bright or they won't like you.

Don't say how you feel or you will be punished.

Do whatever they say so you will be loved.

Put everyone else first to be a good girl."

The shadow was created when we were small by our ego, to get our needs met, to keep us safe and cared for.

We live the first half of our lives from this part of our personality for survival.

Then, we are free to live as we choose.

BUT, we forget who we really are, having lived from this false-self for so long.

As adults, our shadow sabotages our deepest desires.

Sometimes by keeping us small and quiet.

Sometimes by prioritizing everyone else over ourselves.

It tells us we can't have what we want in our lives.

Sometimes things go very wrong because of our shadows.

Maybe you see this in others. Maybe you see it in yourself.

We lash out at the ones we love, saying things we can't take back.

We can't express our feelings, even though we long to do so.

We drink those few extra drinks even though we've already had too much.

We spend the family's grocery money at the nudie bar.

We clam up when it's time for us to shine.

We feel guilty when things happen even though we're innocent.

We consistently choose the wrong partners.

We consistently get jobs we hate.

We just can't get our finances together.

This is all the work of the shadow, our conditioning.

The bad news is that our shadow is so close to us that it's hard for us to see it.

And our shadow will ALWAYS be with us. We cannot escape it.

But the GOOD news is that we can work to uncover our shadow and STOP living from the darkness

There is a great book called "The Shadow Effect" by Deepak Chopra, Maryanne Williamson, and Debbie Ford that tells all about this part of us and how it functions.

I have it on Audible and can share it to you for FREE.

This is also the work that I do.

I use a proven process to uncover your shadow and put it in the passenger seat of your life so you can live an authentic life of joy, connection, and fulfillment.

If you want this free book or want info on my work, please PM me. I love to share and help others create better lives for themselves.

Have the BEST DAY!


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