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One thing we use in coaching is the SMART goal.

A great way to get really clear on our 2021 goal/s is to turn it into a SMART goal.

This allows us to get REALLY CLEAR on what it is that we are manifesting.

If we don’t know exactly where we are going, how can we know when we are there?

If you have a 2021 goal or resolution, Try using this method to get very clear on where you are going and when you plan to get there.

Once you have a SMART goal, you can take steps to bridge the gap between where you are and where you are going.

S- Get specific about the goal. Leave no room for interpretation and keep it positive! Instead of “I want to be healthier” say “I want to exercise 30 minutes per day, 4 times per week”

M- Measurable - How will we know when we are there? Is it a dollar amount? A waist measurement? An amount of time spent daily? Number of clients?

A- Attractive - Why is it that I want this particular goal? Get very clear on WHY. Oftentimes, we want something because someone ELSE wants us to do it. Sometimes, after going through this step, we realize we don’t actually even want that thing we thought we wanted in the first place!

R- Realistic - Let’s get real here, If I just started a business yesterday, it is highly unlikely that I will reach a million dollars in profit by June. If we don’t know enough to objectively know if we are being realistic, we can ask someone who has achieved our particular goal for advice. People are usually happy to share their expertise, as it shows them that we respect and admire them and their achievements.

T- Timed - If we don’t put a time frame on our goals, we may not be motivated to ever get there. This could be a deadline, a daily amount of time we work up to, or specific things to accomplish along a timeline.

Creating SMART goals has it’s pros and cons. It certainly helps us get clear on where we want to go and can make it easier to get there, increasing our chance of success. The downside is that a SMART goal can limit our progress if we stop once we’ve achieved it, and it can also add pressure if we don’t stick to it. We could put in place a contingency plan - what do I do if I don’t meet the first deadline? How can I be flexible in my goal?

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