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Have a Powerful Day

I want to share with you the most powerful thing I have found to transform my life. A great life is made of many great days. Days of my choosing. And how do I create a day of my choosing? I have a mindful morning.

It is my goal and my intention every single day to wake up at least an hour early and make time for meditation, journaling, and inspirational reading. Some days I can only fit in one or two of these things. Occasionally, my morning gets away from me and I do none of them. I will tell you, it is really on the days when I don’t have a mindful morning that I most realize the power of a mindful morning!

When I start my day the way I choose, I am setting the tone for the day. I am creating the momentum that my day will follow. When I don’t make time to do this, I have a day where life just happens to me. I know you can probably relate to a day that just happens to you. It’s chaotic. Good things might happen, bad things might happen, but it’s pretty much a crapshoot. When you start your day off intentionally and mindfully, you have a day that is in alignment with your desires, in alignment with your joy.

If you don’t already have a morning routine, I highly suggest creating one. I promise you, once you create a powerful morning routine, you will not go a day without it, and if you do, you’ll feel it.

In his book The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod gives us an acronym for how to create a miracle morning, and thus a wonderful day. Hal says that you can fit these six items into a one hour time

frame, which will then, over time, lead you to manifest the life of your desires. To be honest, I don’t normally fit all of these into every morning, but I do use these techniques on a regular basis. All six techniques are extremely powerful, and I invite you to mix and match these techniques into a powerful morning routine for yourself. Try different combinations of them and see what works for you. And maybe you will even be able to create a miracle morning for yourself where you do all six!

The acronym from The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is SAVERS.

The first S is for silence. Take the time to go within in silence each morning. For me it’s meditation. Meditation can take many forms. Perhaps you meditate on a word, perhaps you sit waiting for inspiration, perhaps you focus on your breath, or you sit and watch the thoughts go by. But take the time to turn within and find that stillness, the quiet, that is ever present throughout the day underneath all of the action, noise, people, and things to do.

A is for affirmations. Take the time to be your own cheerleader. What do you need to hear today or believe today in order to be your best self? I am amazing! I am loving! I am a non-smoker. I am physically fit. It is easy for me to control my thoughts and emotions. Whatever it is that you are working on right now, set some affirmations to repeat to yourself each morning that will be with you through your day.

V is for visualization. Take a little time to clearly see yourself manifesting what you would like to manifest. Perhaps you have a job interview today. Close your eyes and see yourself walking into that interview and owning it. Try to get a very clear picture of yourself showing up as your best self. Having an amazing conversation with your future employer. See yourself exhibiting all of your best qualities and see your future employer excitedly shaking your hand being grateful to have met you. If you don’t have something happening on this day that you want to pre-pave, visualize something that you want to show up in your life. Maybe see yourself in that ideal relationship or manifesting your ideal clients.

E is for exercise! This doesn’t have to be a full-blown workout. Just get your body moving to get the oxygen circulating and the blood flowing. Or maybe you get a really good stretch in or do a couple minutes of jumping jacks. Wake yourself up!

R is for reading. Read something inspirational each morning. Something that expands your mind and or uplifts your spirit. Or if there’s something you want to learn, read a page or two of a book on that thing. Begin your day learning something new or receiving inspiration from your favorite spiritual teacher.

The last S is for scribing. Pull out your journal or notebook and write. There are so many ways you can use writing to your benefit first thing in the morning. One is to make a list of 10 things you are grateful for in your life. This conjures a feeling of gratitude in your heart. When you start your day with gratitude, you are more grateful throughout your day, and as you have that grateful feeling in your heart, you are attracting more things to be grateful for into your life. Another thing you could do for your scribe time is what Julia Cameron, in The Artist's Way calls the “brain drain”. Just write your stream of consciousness for however long or however many pages you intend to write for in your morning. Or a third powerful writing option is to write about the most important things you wish to accomplish today happening as you wish them to.

When you get up early to start your day in a mindful way, you are putting energetically out there to the universe what you want this day to hold for you. YOU get to choose the momentum that your day follows.

If you don’t already have a morning routine, start one now. I promise your life will be exponentially better for it. And if you do already have a morning routine, how well is it working for you? Do you switch it up to keep things fresh? I would love to hear about your morning routine and about which aspect of it you find most powerful.

All the best to you! Have yourself a powerful day.

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