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Bridging the Gap to our Dreams

When moving from where we ARE to where we WANT TO BE, we can make the move smoother and more comprehensive by brainstorming what we need to do to “Bridge the Gap”.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll use “manifesting a soulmate” as the desired outcome. What I’ll provide here are basic examples. Your particular situation will be different - adjust it as you see fit!

To bridge the gap, four steps are necessary:

1. Determine where you are now

2. Get clear on where you want to be

3. Identify what details are “in” the gap

4. Create a plan to “bridge” the gap

Step 1. Where am I now? - I’m single, I have some friends of the opposite sex, I have no suitors on the horizon, I think men are a distraction, I’ve been taken off track in my life by relationships before, I always attract the wrong type of man.

Step 2. Where do I want to be? - I am in a mutually rewarding relationship with someone who is spiritually on the same page as I am, who is a whole and complete person (doesn’t need me to be or do anything to complete him), who I can spend time with and also focus on my life with, who possibly compliments my work efforts and also compliments my family. Someone who is kind, generous, compassionate, understanding, and focused on personal growth. With the same spiritual beliefs as I have. Who loves introspection and mental exploration through conversation.

Step 3. What needs to be done to meet my soulmate? Meet someone, have time for someone, allow the universe to bring this person to me in it’s own divine timing and way, put myself in a space/place to meet people, discover and heal limiting beliefs I have about relationships that have previously attracted the wrong partners to me.

Step 4. Create a step-by-step process to “bridge the gap”:

a. Discover limiting beliefs about relationships

b. Heal/Transmute those beliefs

c. Create time in my schedule to put myself out there

d. Research places to go, groups to join, etc that may put me amongst like minded people

e. Use the time I’ve created in my schedule to visit those places

f. Relax, Enjoy, Have fun & Allow the Universe to bring me someone

I used the example of attracting a soulmate because it is more of an intangible goal to achieve and I wanted to illustrate how, even things that we feel we don’t have a whole lot of control over can still be helped along with this process. If I am growing my business or achieving a health goal, the steps to bridging the gap may be easier to come up with. And just a note, if I were really working to create my soulmate relationship, I would add more details and steps.

Using this technique helps to create actionable steps to creating the life we desire. Once we have our action plan written out, focus only on the first item and then move onto the next item only after the first is done. In this way, we avoid overwhelm and the process can be simple and easy. When possible, leave space for the Divine to work it’s magic!

If you are having trouble figuring out how to bridge the gap, let me know! I’d love to have a brainstorming session with you!

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