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Sleepy Doesn't Have to Mean Cranky

Good morning beautiful people.

As I woke up too early this morning on the first full day of a Pocono vacation, I’m reminded of the choice I have to declare and decide how I want to be.

Whenever I used to get a poor night’s sleep, whether I was up at 3am and unable to get back to sleep, or I was up several times through the night for various reasons, I would drag myself out of bed feeling cranky, knowing I would feel tired and irritable throughout the day. Poor me.

I would announce to my kids, “Mommy didn’t get enough sleep last night so she’s feeling cranky today.”

Then one day, I was camping at Aunt Tina’s house and everyone including myself was up very late. My 5 year old woke up around 6am happy and bursting with energy. My initial response was to be so resistant to the situation - she’s up way too early and now that she is up, I have to get up because she is my responsibility. I tried to coerce her into going back to sleep, telling her it’s too early for her to be up.

So I begrudgingly dragged myself out of our tent, my inner child crying and whining because she was too tired and it’s “not fair”.

Then we walked into the house to use the bathroom and a couple people were up and greeted us so joyfully and welcomingly. This stark contrast to my mood instantly made me realize I was choosing to make my lack of sleep mean I have to feel cranky today. I was choosing not to be joyful and receptive to my beautiful daughter who is so excited to wake up to another fresh new day of life.

I decided in that moment that I am so happy to be alive right now, breathing this fresh air, experiencing this new moment, and that I can take it as it comes today. That I don’t need 8 hours of sleep in order to be kind.

So, I write this to remind us all that we have a CHOICE in how we FEEL each day. The thoughts we are thinking are what create our level of happiness. “I won’t be happy and compassionate today because I didn’t get enough sleep” IS a CHOICE.

I wish you all a beautiful, happy Friday and a wonderful weekend filled with peace and sprinkled with happy surprises.


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