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The Most Exciting News Ever In the World. EVER.

I want to tell you something REALLY EXCITING.


Here it is – YOU really can make your life how you want it to be.

Let me repeat that.





You create your life with the power of your influence.

It is not possible to create your life from the outside in. It must be done from the inside out.

The first step is coming to a true and deep understanding that this is a fact.

The second step is accepting full responsibility for everything that shows up in your life.

The third step is doing the work to create the life you want.

At times, It may be a hard pill to swallow: knowing that YOU are the creator of your life.

And so, at times, people are resistant to accept this fact.

If this is you, consider the following scientific information:

In Quantum Physics: The Law of Attraction, which is a law that governs the universe in which we live, states that What We Think About, Comes About. People usually spend most of their time thinking about what is. When you spend your time thinking about current situations, The Law of Attraction brings you more similar situations.

In Neuroscience: A thought is an electrical impulse traveling thru the brain. A thought repeatedly exercised forms a pathway in the brain. Each time it is thought, that pathway is reinforced. Imagine a path in the woods, or a river and it’s branched off streams. A belief is a thought you continue to think. Consider a belief’s pathway in the brain. The more you think a thought, the more prominent that pathway gets, so future thoughts (energy pulses) are likely to go down that same path, further reinforcing it’s presence in your life.

Especially in times of difficulty, we must be vigilant in monitoring our vibration (which is created by our thoughts and our emotions, AKA moods). E-MOTION = Energy in Motion.

And so.

In order to change our lives, it makes sense that we must first change our minds.

In order to change our minds, we must learn to redirect the flow of energy to new neural pathways.

The only thing in the universe that any person truly has control over is their mind.

And so, this is where your power lies.

"The law of attraction is always at work" was my mindful thought for the week this week.

This reminds me that I am ALWAYS attracting. Good. Bad. Indifferent. Exciting. Dramatic. Boring. Prosperous. Joyful. Sad. Disturbing. Confusing.

Whatever I focus my mental attention on is what I am attracting more of in my life.

Good to keep in mind.

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