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Dear Fellow Seeker,

I know the frustration of wanting more but not knowing exactly how to get it.

I work with people who are self aware and want to make a change, but aren't sure how to go about it.  People who are frustrated with negative patterns in their lives and don't understand how to change them or why they are there. And people who have a dream, a BIG Beautiful Dream they wish to realize but don't know how to really connect to the Creator within themselves to bring it to fruition.

In our work together, we will discover the beautiful, powerful being that you were born to be. Through "Awaken the Creator", we will take a deep dive within to illuminate the darkness, heal inner child wounds, and awaken you to the infinite possibilities in your life so that strength, clarity, and purpose can shine. 

The Process is science-based and personal for you.  The results are life changing.

Awaken the Creator

            Your Divine Intelligence is that pure energy part of you that exists underneath all of the conscious and subconscious programs, beliefs, and stories you've picked up along your journey thus far.  

            Your Authentic Self is that part of you that operates using your Divine Intelligence. It is the brilliant, creative part of you that is in alignment with the power that creates worlds.  


            The 13-week Awaken the Creator is a science-based process that anyone can use to slice through the limiting beliefs, stories, and unconscious programs that continue to run in the background of our minds.  This powerful process is a road map back to your Divine Self, Your Higher Self, Your Authentic Self.  The results of going through this process are not limited to: life and spiritual fulfillment, achievement of goals, a deep understanding and love of yourself, non-reactivity to typical triggers, an understanding of the universe and how it works in relation to you and your life, improved relationships, recognition and communion with the creative, higher power within you, and a personal vision of unlimited possibilities in YOUR life.

You will walk away from the process with the tools you need to maintain the progress you’ve made along this journey, which truly makes Awaken the Creator a life-changing course. Read More.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a powerful conversation that you can use to achieve a desired result in your life. Whether you are striving to reach a goal, cope with change, or gain clarity around a subject, life coaching can help.

Life coaching sessions are most productive if you already take full responsibility for all that shows up in your life.  If you are not yet at this place, it is recommended that you start with Awaken The Creator Process to learn how your conscious and subconscious thoughts and emotions create your life.

Melissa is trained in ICF coaching and brings her down to earth warmth, compassion, and wisdom to the table to help you to find the answers you seek.  She knows that what you seek is within you, and through a powerful conversation together, you can achieve your desired result. 

Melissa is a Rockstar!

She was able to help me align my thoughts with the direction I want to go. Melissa was thoughtful, intuitive and a great guide. I would highly recommend Melissa!

                                                                                                           ~Nadine V, Corpus Christi, Tx

Inspire-ability Coaching

Call it accountability, but Melissa's clients have used the words "Inspire-ability" because these weekly meetings are used to inspire you to make authentic progress on your dreams.

Inspire-ability coaching is for those who know where they're going and basically how to get there, but want a partner to help them maintain momentum and keep them focused. 

 You will meet weekly for 20-30 minutes to discuss where you are, where you are going, and next steps. In your weekly mini-coaching session, you will also have the opportunity address any hurdles that come up, celebrate your successes, plan next steps, and ensure your progress.  Unlimited text and email support are included in this plan to hold you accountable in the way you think will best serve you. 

Let's make things happen!


I was struggling to take a leap of faith between a job that was dead-end but steady, and a career that was monetarily more challenging yet had unimaginable possibilities. Melissa's coaching (the conversations, the exercises, the goal-setting) HAS led me to this destination and I am so happy. I look forward to the next set of achievements that are ahead of me with the coaching of Melissa.

                                                                                                                                 ~ Heather M.  Collingswood, NJ

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