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Awakening Creator for Conscious Creators

This process promises to help you…

  • Gain a full understanding of the latest research in neuroscience on how to rewire your brain to tap into an infinite reservoir of energy.

  • Understand and receive specific directions on how to transcend your conditioning.

  • Remove limiting beliefs that can cause you suffering and sabotage your success.

  • Discover the “you” who has been buried underneath years of hurt, grief, pain, tragedies and more.

  • Learn how to dialogue with yourself to replace negative thinking.

  • Become internally located to manifest your most authentic desires.

  • Manage your emotions and heal traumas that may cause unwanted reactions.

  • Connect to your Authentic Self without external influence and LIVE from that sacred space.

  • Overcome external happenings to avoid external chaos or drama; live from a space of intention.

  • Demystify the belief that God is separate from you.

  • See ALL as ONE connected, unified reflection of your inner world.

  • Master your brain: carve out new neural pathways to activate and integrate a new empowered YOU.

  • Leave with a brain oriented around consciousness and positivity.

  • Truly understand how to activate the innate Divine Intelligence within you and to live from a level of awareness that is available to you at all times.

  • Discover the real “secret” to manifesting a life you truly desire: good health, financial security, and emotional well-being.


Who Will Benefit From  Awakening Creator?

I believe everyone can benefit from this process.

However, if you fall into three or more of the following categories, this process is for you:

       * Seeker

       * Self-help junkie
       * Looking for a Spiritual Path

       *You are on a spiritual path and looking for the next level
       *You love personal development

       *Negative cycles keep showing up in your life (ie. bad 

          relationships, bad money habits, etc.)

        *You are ready to level-up but don't know what's holding you back

        *You are open-minded

       *You are willing to look within for the answers you seek

I, personally received so much from taking Awaken the Creator that my words will fall short. This exciting journey of self discovery and self knowledge has helped me to blossom my life into one of great overall fulfillment and happiness.  In the process, I gained a clear understanding of my limiting beliefs and where they came from.  I’ve developed a deeper love and compassion for myself and my journey in life so far.  I have literally removed layers of conditioning, and have now found new layers of deeper, more subtle conditioning that I am working through using the tools I learned in the process.  I have gained the know-how to heal myself and adjust my perspective as needed along my life’s path.  This process has led me to discover the Divine within me and to really understand my connection to All-That-Is.  I now show up in life differently. I see life differently. I have more control over my personal self and my reactions. I have greater focus and clarity on an everyday basis. I truly understand and appreciate that I am fully responsible for my life and that I have the power to direct it.   I am excited to be creating the life I desire.

"Melissa was such a wonderful coach and knowledgeable about the Divine Intelligence Program (Awaken the Creator). I admired that she was very transparent and supportive through the experience . I would certainly take another class with her in the near future. The Divine Intelligence course (Awaken the Creator) itself was eye opening for me, it really catapulted me to the next level in my spiritual journey. I still use most of the tools I learned in every day life and the knowledge shared is so valuable to really stepping into your own power."

                                                                                                                    ~ Shawna G,  New Jersey

Melissa Fickett Divine Intelligence

Awaken The Creator Course Outline

  • Pre-Work: Goal Setting, Pre-Coaching Inventory
    Required readings in Neuroscience and Quantum Physics

  • Week 1: Getting to know you. Course overview. 

  • Week 2: Connection to the Quantum Field: Remembering Your Original Divine Self.

  • Weeks 3&4: Going Unconscious: Uncovering Your Limiting Beliefs.

  • Weeks 5&6: Discovering Your Conditioned Brain: Your Unconscious Self.

  • Weeks 7&8: Teaching Your Brain to Become Conscious: Emotions Trump Thinking.

  • Weeks 9&10: The 3 Day Intensive: Rewriting Your History and Rewiring Your Brain.

  • Week 11: Acknowledging and committing to Your Soul’s Purpose; Reconnecting with the unlimited power of the Quantum Field.

  • Week 12: Becoming the Master of your Brain: Carving out New Neural Pathways and Installing New Empowering Beliefs using Neuroscience and Meditation.

  • Week 13: Shifting from Conditioned Self to Authentic Self: Knowing no Limits.

  • Week 14: Wrapping it up. Tools to go. Maintaining your growth after the process

The Course Content

I am so glad I came upon Melissa and the Process. The process (and Melissa) was a perfect match for me! Nothing in the past decade has helped me to understand myself as much as this program has. I learned to uncover the reasons behind my unhealthy behaviors and beliefs and to replace them with healthier decisions of my choosing. I learned invaluable coping skills and developed, overall, a more positive view of the world. As a result of the DIP, I now feel positive emotions more frequently and more deeply. The Process was far and away the best therapy I have had for developing my personal growth and reducing my anxiety and depression. Melissa is very knowledgeable about the Process and extremely well-versed in the whole self-help genre. She always went above and beyond my expectations (i.e. making book recommendations, spending more time with me than allotted, answering emails quickly, etc). Don't hesitate the set up an introductory call with Melissa to discuss this!

~J. Phillips, South Jersey


What is Included with this Process

13   1:1 Sessions with Melissa

Emailed PDF worksheets of deep discovery

Divine Intelligence text book

Activities & Reflections

Unlimited Text & Email 

Unwavering Support


Invest Today

What will be Expected of You?

1. You must show up to the weekly online meetings via smart phone, tablet, or computer connected to the internet.  

2. You must complete the weekly reading and homework assignments (1 hour per day average)

3. You must be willing to look within and visit your past - it's easier than you think!

4. You must be able to pay for the process.

5. You must commit to a 48 hour solo retreat during the process (between weeks 8 & 10)

6. You must do your own work. Melissa, and this process are TOOLS to assist your growth. This is a proven road-map to uncover the creator within YOU, but to gain benefit, YOU must do your work!

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