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Become a Keyholder

Are you ready to open new doors in your life?

To unlock your true, amazing potential?

There is a Key!

You can find it in the Keyholder Course.

If you are ready to learn powerful tools and strategies for living a peaceful, powerful, and intentional life - The Keyholder Course is for YOU.

In the Keyholder course, you'll learn how to connect to your inner self and manifest your
intentions through practices that blend meditation, manifestation, and metaphysics.


You'll learn how to quiet your mind and tap into the amazing power of meditative receptivity.


You'll also explore the connection between your thoughts, beliefs, and the reality you experience.

Life coaches, Melissa Fickett and Tony Rubbo will guide you through interactive exercises, group discussions, and personal reflection to help you gain a deeper understanding of these powerful practices.

You'll also learn how to integrate these practices into your daily life for lasting change.

The Keyholder Course is an opportunity to discover the hidden powers within yourself and take charge of your life like never before.


So, come join us, to learn, grow and evolve together,
Register Now!

This course is LIVE and the first session is  at the Collingswood Library (click for directions).


*This pilot version of The Keyholder Course is FREE to all initial participants who join us at the library. Future meetings will be at a fee, but your access will always be FREE!


February 23 - Workshop 1 - "The door to the Future - The power of Intention"
March 1 - Workshop 2 - "The door to the Past - The power of Reflection"

March 9 - Workshop 3 - "The door to the Present Moment - The intersection of the Past and the Future to arrive at Unlimited Possibilities"

March 16 - Workshop 4 - "Moving Forward - Incorporating all of the doors to continue your Inner Journey"

To RSVP via click here

To RSVP via email, or ask questions, click here


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