"Melissa was such a wonderful coach and knowledgeable about the Divine Intelligence Program. I admired that she was very transparent and supportive through the experience . I would certainly take another class with her in the near future. The Divine Intelligence course itself was eye opening for me, it really catapulted me to the next level in my spiritual journey. I still use most of the tools I learned in every day life and the knowledge shared is so valuable to really stepping into your own power."

-Shawna G, Southern NJ


"Melissa has coached me countless times and every time I end the session, I feel I have attained my goal for the call. Her energy and her presence and her heart and her true curiosity make it possible for me to reach information within me that was previously blocked. Her passion for being conscious herself and helping others to achieve that same awareness and joy makes her a tremendous asset in the coaching field. I highly recommend her as a coach and as a human being!! "                                                             -Cathi M, Florida, Age 50

What people are saying...

Thanks to Melissa I was able to get thru my pain of loss and deal with my depression* in the right way. Melissa's words and time got my life back on track. Thank You.


                                                  Robert W.  Philadelphia, Pa


*Disclaimer: Coaching is NOT therapy and may not be used to treat any medical condition including depression

Melissa provided me with some masterful coaching!  I was struggling to find enthusiasm for my job.  She used powerful questions, curiosity and her intuition to learn about what motivated me in others parts of my life. She then used used this information to help me gain insights into how I could apply this to my job situation.  Once I made the connection, I felt really confident, empowered and energetic around this new approach.  I am excited to apply this new thinking to my job and grateful to Melissa for her help !

                                                                                 Jeff B.  Austin, TX 

I was struggling to take a leap of faith between a job that was dead-end but steady, and a career that was monetarily more challenging yet had unimaginable possibilities. Melissa's coaching (the conversations, the exercises, the goal-setting) HAS led me to this destination and I am so happy. I look forward to the next set of achievements that are ahead of me with the coaching of Melissa.

                                                    Heather M.  Collingswood, NJ


Melissa holds space for me to hear myself and challenges me with well timed, thought-provoking questions that empower me to gain clarity about what is underneath challenges I am encountering.  She consistently gifts me with deeper awareness about myself and how I want to show up in my life and concrete next steps to best achieve my goals.  The gifts of the Awaken the Creator Process were invaluable and life-changing shifts that enabled me to open the door to a loving relationship with, most importantly myself, and a life partner, as well as empowered me to show up in all relationships in my life with more confidence and authenticity.

                                                                                    Laura C.  Rochester, NY

I am so glad I came upon Melissa and the Divine Intelligence Process. The process (and Melissa) was a perfect match for me! Nothing in the past decade has helped me to understand myself as much as this program has. I learned to uncover the reasons behind my unhealthy behaviors and beliefs and to replace them with healthier decisions of my choosing. I learned invaluable coping skills and developed, overall, a more positive view of the world. As a result of the DIP, I now feel positive emotions more frequently and more deeply. The Process was far and away the best therapy I have had for developing my personal growth and reducing my anxiety and depression. Melissa is very knowledgeable about the Process and extremely well-versed in the whole self-help genre. She always went above and beyond my expectations (i.e. making book recommendations, spending more time with me than allotted, answering emails quickly, etc). Don't hesitate the set up an introductory call with Melissa to discuss this!

                                                                                         * Phillips, Southern New Jersey