The DI Process Experience Revisited - Committing

As you probably already know, I am a Divine Intelligence Spiritual Coach. I have recently begun the DI Process again and have decided to chronicle my experience each week so that you can witness it vicariously through me. I will also recount my recollection of my experience from three years ago, as well as what my clients have experienced during each particular week as it occurs to me.

I took the DI Process three years ago for the first time. If you don’t already know, the Divine Intelligence Process is a life-changing spiritual course created by Dr. Jayne Gardner, PhD, MCC to “Awaken the Creator Within”. I loved it so much that I took the training to become a Divine Intelligence Spiritual Coach so I can bring this process to others. It really helped me to 1. Know why I did certain things to sabotage myself or not act in my best interest and 2. Know who I really am underneath that limited part of me 3. Bring out that higher-minded part of me in my daily life, resulting in more consistent happiness, harmony in my relationships, and faster/easier manifestation of life situations I want. What I loved about the process was that I had a TON of A-HA insights about myself and that it provided an actual change in my life experience, it wasn’t just information that was useful and interesting but easily forgotten about like many other courses. What I love about teaching the process is that so far, I have experienced a 100% success rate. Everyone who has taken it with me has experienced measurable life shifts and eye-opening insights.

Back to now. Last month, I received an email from Dr. Jayne Gardner’s assistant saying Dr. Jayne wants to make some recordings of her coaching the process and wants her certified coaches to take the process again to experience it with different “eyes”. Dr. Jayne offered us a great price to embark upon this journey, and given the benefits I’d experienced with it previously, it seemed like a no-brainer. Though, I have to be honest, I did have reservations about doing it again. There is a certain way of thinking that is common among many humans. That is that if I “know” something, I am already experiencing the benefits of it. We seem to forget that we have to actually practice what we know to gain the benefits.

I have been suffering from time-shortage consciousness and to take the (on average) 1 hour per day to invest into the process seemed like a huge burden. My kids have been remote-schooling from home and my 5 year old needs my (almost) consistent supervision for this. On top of that, I’ve been working with a business coach who has been assigning me tasks like working on my website, making blog posts, reaching out to folks, maintaining an active Facebook group, and more. Week after week, I meet with her feeling a little bit defeated or even ashamed that I haven’t completed the week’s tasks. Add to that, I have been trying to implement a work out routine on a daily basis, but again, have been failing to make it happen.

As I thought about these factors, I realized that this is actually perfect timing because the DI Process helps you achieve goals. It has a way of creating more time in your life by helping you to shave away what’s NOT working for you. Plus, I’ve been coaching the Process for the last year and a half. It would be great to experience it as a client again and learn more effective ways to coach the process and see if Dr. Jayne has added anything new.

OK i’m in! I really want to conquer this exercise demon and create more time in my life. And honestly, I’m curious as to what new things I might discover about myself.

After you agree to take the process, you are given a contract and a “pre-process questionnaire”. This questionnaire asks you 4 questions about 7 areas of your life: Relationships, Fun, Finances, Spiritual Life, Career, Health, Environment. As I rated my fulfillment level in each area according to the questions, I was brought face to face with the reality of my current situation. Not surprisingly, I scored lowest in the Health category and second lowest in the Fun category. Originally, when I decided to take the process, I wanted to work on my career. But upon further reflection, I realized that my career will dramatically benefit automatically if I tame this beast that is my exercise and time issue.

It is very interesting to note, however, that when I first took the process, I was stunned by this questionnaire. As I answered questions about my relationships, I was instantly aware that I was in desperate need of help. I also realized that I had been trying not to look at it. Filling out this paperwork back then forced me to see the reality of my current situation. The interesting part - Back then my relationships category was the lowest score. This time, my relationships earned the highest score. WIN!

Now I’m getting excited about doing the process again. I can’t wait to see what new things I’ll discover about myself and really, I can’t wait to overcome this monster that I’ve created with time and exercise!

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