Dialogue Seven: Validating Your Authentic Self’s Divinity

This dialogue speaks clearly about the two voices within us. The first, our Original, God-Given, Divine self, and the other, which is the one we have literally made for ourselves.

The science research in this dialogue is really interesting, uplifting, and kind of magical. We learn about the zero point field, which is a sea of infinite energy from which all things are created. Literally everything - The grass, trees, air, stars, dirt, computers, light bulbs, bowling balls, our bodies, our thoughts, molecules, subatomic particles. This zero point field is the light energy that creates all things.

Dr. Jayne says “whoever shines brightest gets the field attention“. As we release the negative, and often unconscious emotions of the past through our healing, our “light” becomes brighter.

As we shine brighter, we open up the channel to receive our innate goodness as this field mirrors it back to us as the life we want. The field is now getting clearer, and more conscious input from us as we are no longer weighed down by the chains that bind. You have see this in your everyday life, when you are feeling great, great things happen to you. When you are having a terrible day, terrible things happen to you.

In our retreat, we have cleared out a lot of the emotional baggage that has been bringing us down over the years. We have, in a very real way, become a clean slate. As we go about our life experience from this point forth, we get to consciously decide by what parameters we want to live life by.

In this dialogue, we become very clear on what our individual values and strengths are. As we begin to understand these, we can live our lives in a much more fulfilling way that honors our values. We can show up really embodying our strengths and leading with them. There’s something to be said for clearly knowing what’s amazing about you.

This section offers an opportunity to look at how we use our time and resources in accordance with our values. Life is much more fulfilling when we spend our money in ways that support our values as opposed to otherwise. This deep dive in itself, is well worth the investigation.

In this process, we realize both our internal and external wins. As we carefully observe these two categories of improvement and positivity in our lives, we begin to see the correlation between the two. As I grow myself by healing past wounds and traumas, my outside world changes and reflects this healing in the form of improved conditions.

One way I have changed is that I have shifted how I show up in my relationship with one of my parents. I mentioned some realizations I had in regards to this relationship in a previous post, but now, several weeks later, I have been thinking, acting, and speaking differently in this relationship. I no longer experience this relationship as a source of disappointment and pain. My perception of it shifted, which shifted my experience of it, which has freed up my energy to expand into other areas and relationships in my life.

Progress on my goal: I am living my life in a new way. It’s completely natural for me to be active in my body, my home, and my business. I wake up each morning looking forward to the things that are on my to do list that day. I embrace the opportunity to engage with people in whatever capacity is ahead of me. Even if it is normally a less than positive experience with someone, I now look at it as an opportunity to grow. And I have the tools and know how to treat it as such, rather than have a knee-jerk reaction. I don’t mean to say I am without challenges, but when challenges arise, I feel equipped to grow from them rather than have them put me at a disadvantage.

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