Dialogue 6: Making the shift to authentic self

In this dialogue we learn the science of “we are all one mind” and how to transcend our human nature. Also, that we are all created of the same energy that creates the Universe. Literally. We are one drop of the ever expansive sea of creation. We are the same stuff.

We learn the neuroscience of actually changing our brains. Rewiring ourselves from limiting thinking to limitless thinking.

We focus on separating these two ways of thinking. I can clearly see how limited thinking is a result of guidelines, beliefs, assumptions I have created in my past with the intention for them to serve me but they no longer serve me. They literally limit me in ways that I can clearly see right now. This is such a powerful and insightful process and I am so grateful to Dr. Jayne for creating it and sharing it with us and enabling me to share it with others.

We do an exercise in which we ceremoniously pass the torch from our old way of thinking to our new way of thinking. It is beautiful. We get clear on the kind of situations that activate our limited thinking as well as the situation which activate our abundant thinking so that we can be prepared when situations arise and meet them head on. Then if we start to dip, we have tools available to shift.

We are learning to live guided by our internal spirits rather than anything outside of ourselves.

This week it is very easy to notice the presence of my conditioned self. Whereas previously while thinking limited thoughts, I would completely identify with them, thinking it was just how I was or how life was. Now, when something feels off, I recognize that it is something I am doing within myself.

I had a great epiphany this week. I was feeling a lot of stress about overbooking my weekend. I have a tendency to do this, as there are so many wonderful things I want to do and only so much time! Anyway, I felt so much stress about my lack of freedom and about cancelling on a friend and all things related to these two items but as I began to back away from the stressful thoughts and feelings related to my conditioning, I began to open up and see things from an unlimited perspective. I acted swiftly and made some adjustments and felt free again. What’s even better is that after I made these changes, I had a very clear vision of how I had created this feeling and picture of stress based on assumptions that were not even true.

As I write this out, I feel like you’re thinking, “yea, so what, you were assuming things that weren’t true, stop doing that!” But I realized that we all do this all the time and we don’t see it because it’s subconscious. I’m willing to bet that every area of your life that you are struggling in is full of assumptions operating in the background! I’ll be doing a workshop on this in a few months - join my meetup group for access!

I grew so much this day, I had a renewed sense of energy and vitality, possibility and optimism.

The assumptions realization is my biggest win this past week, along with several smaller ones and surely others that went unnoticed. The best part of my life right now is my joyful mood. I am excited to get out of bed each day. I look forward to the things I have on my agenda and my creative juices are really flowing.

When my conditioned self rears its beautiful head, it doesn’t take long before I notice she’s in the driver seat. Usually just this knowledge is enough to shift it.

There’s a quote in dialogue six by Albert Schweitzer. It says “you know of the disease in central Africa called sleeping sickness… They’re also exists a sleeping sickness of the soul. It’s most dangerous aspect is that one is unaware of it’s coming. As soon as you notice the slightest sign of indifference, the moment you become aware of the loss of a certain seriousness, of longing, of enthusiasm and zest, take it as a warning. You should realize your soul suffers if you live superficially.”

This speaks to how I was feeling before I took the process. A loss of enthusiasm and zest. Nothing in particular was wrong, but nothing in particular was fantastic either. Life was OK, but life wasn’t exuberant and full of zest! Now, I feel exuberance and zest. I have every intention of keeping it up.

The highest spiritual life accepts everything that happens to them as an opportunity for growth. Right now, at this point in the process and my life, I see this and feel this with great clarity and faith. What is the opportunity in this struggle? And what assumptions am I making that are adding to the struggle?

I feel completely empowered to show up as my best self.

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