DI Process Revisited - Week 2

This week we completed “Dialogue one”. The process consists of 9 Dialogues, which are basically modules. For each dialogue, you receive worksheets that have summaries of the science covered in the book, as well as introspective questions for you to answer. In this dialogue we rediscover who we were before the world taught us who to be.

Dialogue One is really fun. Doing the worksheets is uplifting. As I answer the questions, I get closer and closer to who I was as a kid before I was so self-conscious and self-controlled. I rediscover how much I love adventure and playfulness. Yes, who I really am is playful and adventurous and free! These are three values that I really do hold dear.

We also learn of a very powerful tool we can use to lift our moods any time we need a boost.

I met with my two accountability partners. The support was amazing! We have specific work we are advised to discuss but two out of three of us hadn’t completed it yet so we discussed our goals. The support from these two ladies was beautiful and so valuable. I decided to change my goal, and one of my partners did, as well. I realized that I can incorporate my want for activity in my business and my body into one goal. I also realized that I want to free up the energy in my home. So my official goal is now, “I am active in my body, my home, and my business”. I will know I’ve achieved my goal by keeping track of action items and completing 5 action items per week, per category. My official goal in the group is to complete 4 action items, but 5 is my secret goal (between me and you). I’ve done and coached this process several times, so I know firsthand that goals are met through it. Any time they are not met, they are well on their way to being met. I will feel amazing if I am completing four action items per week in my body, in my home, and in my business! In order to keep track of my progress, I have created a spreadsheet to check off at the end of each day. I haven’t started using it yet, but I’m about to. I have several simple items that relate specifically to my health, which include sleeping, “me time”, eating nutrient rich food, and meditating. Then I have a category for my action items. Business action, body action, home action.

Doing my morning writing is proving to be beneficial. I had a situation over the weekend where I felt dissatisfaction at a social gathering. Through my morning writing I asked myself questions about my feelings and had a profound realization that my lack of satisfaction was due to my inner child wanting to fit in with people that I naturally just don’t fit in with in that way. It would be like me hanging out with a bunch of truckers and expecting to be thought of as one of them. I’m simply not. And that’s OK! This upcoming weekend I have a social gathering and I look forward to putting my new realization into practice. Perception is everything right?

The actual meeting this week was a review of the pertinent science, restating each of our goals, and determining our confidence level in achieving them. Honestly, on my own, I'd say my confidence level is about a 2 of reaching this goal. I've been trying to achieve this goal for quite a while now on my own. Being familiar with the process puts me at about a 5 or 6. Dr Jayne also coached us on how to measure our goals, and get clear on them. We reviewed the week’s work, and whoever wanted to share their personal stories got a chance to do so. I love meeting with this group. I used to be the quiet one, but lately, I volunteer to ask and answer questions more than anyone else in the group. I always leave the meeting feeling better than I did when I got there.

For new clients, this week is both nostalgic and fuzzy-feeling, as well as exciting. Remembering who we were before we adopted limiting views of ourselves, the world, and people around us leaves us feeling joyful and optimistic. Kind of like our child selves. Also, many clients revisit their goals and adjust them before solidifying their commitment during this week. If you are going to achieve one important thing in your life during these next three months, don’t you want to make it count? And don’t you want to make it something you feel like you can’t achieve on your own? Yes ma’am.

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