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I want to tell you a story about something I’m sure we are all too familiar with. That’s something is FEAR. I’ve heard that fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. I really love that acronym and it’s true, BUT, that doesn’t stop us from feeling fear from time to time. A while back, I came head to head with this demon called fear.

I had left my 9-to-5 job and was starting a new business and living off of my savings. My savings was dwindling and the money was coming in slower than it was going out. I became consumed with the fear of not having enough money.

I thought about how much I had left and how long it would be until I ran out, and that I would eventually be foreclosed upon, and lose my house which is also the home of my children and where would I go, and at what point should I stop paying the mortgage so that I have enough to afford whatever that next step was going to be.

The fear was very real and it consumed me. I remember my daughter had asked me for a pair of cleats for soccer tryouts and something inside me snapped. I felt frantic, as if a pair of $30 cleats was going to make me or break me.

So one day, I was walking my dog. It was a beautiful sunny day. And of course, I was thinking about this predicament I had gotten myself into and how the heck I was going to get out of it. I was thinking of the logistics of things. Get a new job and forget the business. How long does it take for the bank to foreclose on a house anyway?

Thankfully, on this walk, I remembered who I was. I am a divine being. A spiritual being, and a co-creator of my existence. And every physical problem has a spiritual cause. And a spiritual solution. I pondered the Universal Spiritual Truth - As within, so without, or As above, so below, and I wondered what I needed to change within myself to change what was happening in my life experience.

Then I started to coach myself. I asked, “What does this fear feel like in my body?” I scanned my body and noticed that it felt constricted, tense, and rigid. My stomach was in knots, and my head hurt from the scary thoughts continuously churning inside. I felt dark and gloomy on this beautiful sunny day.

As I realized how tight I felt energetically, I came to the very profound realization that fear is literally paralyzing. I felt paralyzed, stiff, unable to move. The fact that I was feeling this fear within my body was going to keep me stuck in that fearful place, and also in that negative financial space.

When I realized this, I knew the work I had to do. The answer I needed wasn’t “out there”. I had to go within and neutralize the fear. As within so without. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. I had to do the mental work of relaxing and releasing the fear. I realized this fear I was feeling within my body, the fear that I was BEING was like a wall, armor if you will, constricting the energy around me into a sort of energetic shield which was preventing inspiration and answers from coming to me.

Abraham Hicks says that our job is to prepare the vibrational atmosphere; To align ourselves with that which we desire. The act of holding fear so vigilantly in my vibration could only allow fearful experiences to enter my sphere.

I began to do the inner work of releasing and relaxing. I made it my specific intention to breathe deeply, to relax my thoughts, to relax my body, to be kind to myself, to create space within me and within the space around me. My spirits began to lift and I was able to breathe and relax again. And then I began to receive ideas. Inspiration. And things just started to work out in my favor. All of this didn’t happen on that walk, of course. Doing the mental work takes time, but the feeling of relief DID start on that walk.

This day, this walk around the block, for me, was very profound. I had a great realization that I continue to draw upon whenever fearful situations arise.

Now whenever I find myself feeling fear, worry, anxiety, or any consuming negative emotion, I know early on that my job is to do the inner work within myself of creating space and harmony. I know I cannot receive an inspired idea with the shield of fear up around me. Everything is energy. It is my job to change the energy of my being to create the space for the answers to come.

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