Do you remember feeling Joyful and Free?

Hello Magnificent Being.

Do you long for more peace and joy in your life?

Do you have a desire for a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship with the universe in which we live?

Do you want to learn the science of creation so that you can finally embody the highest vision of yourself you've always known you can be?

If so, you're in the right place.

For so many years, I've lived a reactionary sort of life.

I had a decent career making good money and had no problem finding romance but I was unhappy.

My work life had moments of joy, but basically left me feeling flat and all of my romantic relationships turned toxic after a year or two.

These two patterns especially left me feeling dissatisfied, unhappy, and confused

I spent years studying self-help material and learning spiritual tools like meditation, breath work, visualization, and positive thinking.

Despite having all of these tools and knowledge at my disposal, I had trouble creating a real change in my life.

I knew I was missing a key ingredient that other people - happy people knew.

It turns out that key ingredient was ME

Not the reactionary, conditioned, limited me that I had become, but the REAL me. 

My Authentic, Unlimited Self existed underneath the layers of conditioning, childhood wounds, and limiting beliefs which had been coloring the landscape of my current reality and creating my unhappy, disappointing, and often flat-feeling life experience.

When I began to understand myself on a deeper level, a true love and acceptance for myself sprang forth.  

I learned the specific reasons why I continuously found myself in disempowering situations and relationships (friends, lovers, business associates) and HOW to finally shift my life - FOR GOOD.

After my transformation, my life experience took on a new light.

* Toxic and negative relationships have either fallen away or shifted to healthier, supportive ones.
* I have formed new connections with high quality, spiritually aligned people I respect and adore.
* My family relationships and friendships have become positive, deeper, more connective, and fun
* I can recognize and communicate my needs in order to get them met.
* I LOVE MYSELF and I know I deserve ALL GOOD THINGS
* I have learned the art of forgiveness towards myself and others.

Most importantly - I am living a joyful, purposeful life that I enjoy.

I am happy

I am healthy

I am free

I know that when I slip into unhappiness, it is because of something I am doing/thinking and I have the tools to shift myself into alignment with my higher, wiser, unlimited self.

If you suffer from negative relationships or patterns in your life, or are yearning for zest or meaning in life, know that real change is possible.

You are capable and worthy of living the life you dream of - and you don't have to do it alone.

I have a proven, science-based road map to personal freedom and fulfillment and it is my privilege and joy to share it with you.

What is your deepest desire for your life?  You can make it happen.  I can help.